Episode 2 - The Research Fire

  • Turntable.fm and Winamp shutting down.
  • CES stuff, such as:
    • The obligatory Michael Bay gaffe;
    • Steam Machines and their controller.
  • Rants about Nintendo, including:
  • Guile's and Punch-Out!! themes in hockey.
  • Some obligatory Smash Bros. discussion (including Sakurai's potential perpetual retirement from the series).
  • 50 Cent and his sudden engagement with the "incomplete" Minecraft.
  • Criterion, its departing co-founders, and the state of Burnout.
  • DRM in games, and whether or not game launchers are becoming ridiculous.
  • Region-locking and waka's strong, uninformed opinion against it.
  • Nvidia's Tegra K1 GPU for phones.
  • Smart watches, earpieces and other smart things that are trying to monitor every waking (or sleeping!) aspect of your life.
  • Science Time with Caleb - This episode's topic: Cordyceps.
  • ...featuring waka's spontaneous interruption on The Last of Us and how he hates stealth so much.
  • What we've been playing during these first few weeks of 2014.
  • Also featuring an emotional moment where we thank you guys for all the support so far.

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